by Yolanda Fernandez Shebeko in Miscellaneous

  ‘In graphic arts and all the arts technique is a hazard even as it is in living life.’ –Agnes Martin.

Martin, Agnes. Writings.   H. von Dieter Schwarz (Ed.). Kunstmuseum Winterthur.


‘In fact, I discovered something very important; that if you change paint from what it is, you destroy something very important about paint but more important than that is that you don’t change. For you to change – for paint to do something to you – paint must stay constant.’–Milton Resnick.

Resnick, Milton. (2002) Out of the Picture: Milton Resnick And The New York School. G. Dorfman (Ed.). New York, NY. Midmarch Arts Press.


‘It’s like a poem.’—Joan Mitchell, spoken words.

Blackwood, C. (Producer), Cajori, M. (Producer). Cajori, M. (Director). (1993) Joan Mitchell Portrait of an Abstract Painter (Motion Picture). USA Art Kaleidoscope Foundation, Inc.




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